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Evening Hill, Ham Beach, Defence Bank and Wareham

Walks Ladder

Have you walked the whole Poole Harbour Trail? Perhaps you ran all the walks in one day or you walked them one at a time. In either case, send us the total time spent on the trail, adding up your times if you walked them on several different days. Add your name or a nickname and we will publish your time on the ladder below. You can always try again in order to displace someone who is above you on the ladder.

For the more competitive of you, the time for the ladder is the time taken on the actual trail. On walks 2, 3, 4 and 5b there is a small extension to a bus stop for the beginning or end of the walk and you do not need to count the time covering these stretches. Without these extensions, the length of the entire trail comes to around 41 miles, 66 kilometres.

Michael Scanlon12 hrs1 day walk, March 2018
Steve13 hrs 40 mins5 days in February 2017
LDWA13 hrs 48 mins1 day walk, March 2018
LDWA14 hrs 58 mins2 day walk, June 2016
Nicolette Smith17 hrs 3 day walk, camping, June 2018
Elaine Cull20 hrs 8 mins4 day walks July and October 2021
Bernard and Margaret22 hours6 walks during 2009

This page updated 30th August 2023.